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Gut Instinct was born out of a desire to help consumers achieve strong physical and mental health through proper diet and nutrition and at the same time, to lessen our carbon footprint. Gut health is finally getting the attention it deserves and from our experience, it is the absolute key to strong overall health.

It’s not just about what you take out but what you put in. By this we mean that eliminating certain food groups alone (such as dairy and wheat) have been shown to benefit the digestive system. Couple this approach with consuming quality foods that contain beneficial bacteria and you are making good headway to a healthier and happier YOU!


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Our founder, Chris Joll, has been on a personal journey of discovery, having been struck down with Chronic Fatigue in his mid-twenties. He learned over several years that the route back to good health was through a better understanding of food. He found that a healthy gut and a healthy mind go hand in hand and this learned approach was his route back to good health. 

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Our background in the coffee industry has left us frustrated by poor performing so called ‘barista milks’ and this inspired us to bring to market, a range of exceptional milk alternatives that work tremendously well in coffee and tea.

Baristas... this ones for you!


 Later in 2019, we will have a range of products that cater for those that are simply looking to drink a milk alternative out of the glass or pour over their morning cereal. You can still do so with our Barista Edition and it tastes great this way but it’s just not what we designed it for. After all, great products can’t be everything to everybody!