Brew Tea Company - 500g Loose Leaf Tea

Black Tea

CO2 Decaffeinated - Light, earthy and a little bit plummy. Awesome with salted caramel popcorn!

English Breakfast - Malt, caramel, rhubarb, hops & some slight smoke. Awesome with a really good milk chocolate!

Earl Grey - Light, woody, well balanced citrus. Awesome with a thick vanilla cheesecake!

Chai - Astringency, some sweetness & a spicy build. Awesome with milk - lattes & shakes!

Green Tea

Green Tea - Smells sweet & tropical, tastes of summer greens. Awesome with goat’s cheese!

Moroccan Mint - A light-but-bitter green tea balances a dry, minty mint. Awesome with dark chocolate!


Lemon & Ginger - Light & dry ginger gives the lemon a kick. Awesome with a Caipirinha. Felicidades!

Fruit Punch - Strong berry smell with some much-needed tang. Awesome in any gin cocktail!