Taditional lemonade the whole year round! Greek lemonade, the way our grandmother used to make it, excites children and grown-ups alike.Product of crushing of fresh Greek lemons, without artificial preservatives and colour additives, that can be perfectly served either as juice or as soft drink.

The 1300g bottle gives you the pleasure of 25 servings of 580ml each, served in our special traditional glass jar, which captures the exuberance of Greek culture.


Sugar, concentrated lemon juice (19%), glucose syrup, water, acidify agent: citric acid, antioxidant agent: ascorbic acid, natural flavors, coloring: riboflavin. The production unit handles EGG, MILK, SOYA, NUTS WITH SHELLS.

100g of Gia giamas lemon is made from 105g of natural lemon juice. Packaged in Protective Atmosphere.