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We believe that balance and moderation is the key ingredient to achieving good health and common sense would suggest that a diet rich in plant based nutrition should be a focal point in day to day eating habits. With more and more consumers becoming aware of what and what not to eat, the move towards plant based diets is growing rapidly year on year.

Consumers are also becoming more mindful of the environmental impact of commercial farming practices and as such, are choosing ‘alternatives’ instead. Animal welfare is another reason why consumers are switching to plant-based diets.


Our Vegan Mayonnaise utilities bean protein and citrus fibres instead of egg, which is typically used to make conventional mayonnaise. Now available is handy 9g sachets it’s the perfect solution for food service companies, and contract caterers alike.

We challenge anyone to tell the difference between our Gut Instinct Vegan Mayo and standard egg based mayonnaise, which begs the question... why use a known allergen when evolution in food science means we no longer have to.

Gut Instinct Vegan Mayo
Git Instinct - Vegan Mayo
Gut Instinct - Vegan Mayo